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Our vision is to see HOPE spread faster than COVID-19

Boxes of Hope is a tangible way for us to stretch out a hand to those that are affected either through illness, quarantine, or just the uncertainty of this time. The world all around us may change, but God’s love remains the same, and this is the hope that we have to share.

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Boxes of Hope

Get Hope

Are you in need of hope? Maybe you’ve contracted COVID-19, or perhaps you are quarantined, caring for yourself or a loved one. Churches throughout the nation are here for you. Hope is on the way.

Boxes of Hope

Give Hope

Do you want to serve your local community by sending a Box of Hope to those in need? Help your local church deliver Boxes of Hope and spread the Gospel!

Packed with Hope

What’s Inside My Box?

Each box is different depending on the needs of the families and individuals we are serving and the resources on hand. Past Boxes of Hope have included…

How do I get my box?

The Process

Our process is simple. We partner with local churches to deliver hope to vulnerable families and individuals who have been affected by COVID-19. The boxes are specifically delivered only to those who have contracted COVID-19 or are quarantined, or caring for a vulnerable loved one. 

Boxes of Hope - Step 1

Find a Church

Search for a participating church in your area to see if a Box of Hope can be delivered to your home.

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Complete the Form

Fill out the form to receive a Box of Hope to your doorstep.

Boxes of Hope - Step 3

Receive Hope

You will receive a text from your local church to confirm your delivery.

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